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    Zēro | A Creative Agency

    If you’ve noticed that I haven’t been shooting lately, this shall explain a bit as to why. After months of work behind the scenes, I can finally announce my creation of Zēro ( - a creative agency representing photographers & cinematographers from around the country.

    Over the last few years, I’ve been laying the foundation for something but was never sure of what exactly - yet now I am sure this was it all along. A chance to do the hands on work I’ve always loved doing, working with fellow creatives and representing people whose work I’m passionate about. We’re a little bit different from the traditional agency model in that our roster is made of rising artists who each have their own levels of success, yet not quite the six-figure client base that most agencies want to see before they’ll talk to you - instead we’re taking risks on talent & drive, not old client lists & balance sheets.

    Here’s a bit more about what’s behind the name:

    The word zero - we have a strange relationship with this word in our society. We think of zero in terms of nothing; no money, no time, no value, etc. Much like art as a whole, in reality it’s worthless yet at the same time priceless depending on the viewer.

    Yet, for a lot of the world there’s a different meaning:

    - Zero in a rifle scope: make accurate
    - Zero'ing in on your position: getting closer to where you are
    - Pressing zero on an automated machine: you simply want to speak to a real person for help

    Simply put - we’re the ones you call for help. We ensure that we’ll help figure out your needs and wants, get on target with your brand and positioning, and most importantly make sure that the shot we take will be as accurate as possible in what you’re looking for.

    A huge thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way, over the years and especially over the last few months - if you’ve been tagged in this status [on Facebook] it’s because you’ve helped me in some way and I am forever in debt to your gratitude. So, here’s to seeing what tomorrow has to offer!

    “The best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you.”

    —   Unknown (via organicafe)

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Having a round table discussion with three ladies..  @Vauntastic @RachelDashae and @TherealFiFi

awww the fun days and long nights of chats, food, and good company ;)


    Having a round table discussion with three ladies.. @Vauntastic @RachelDashae and @TherealFiFi

    awww the fun days and long nights of chats, food, and good company ;)

    cyrodiil-burns said: Post more pictures of Kerri she's incredible!!

    thanks man, Kerri is definitely awesome - we haven’t had the chance to work together in a while, but maybe I’ll keep going into the archives! :D

    Figured my favorite BW shot of @racheldashae for #tbt would be good since she posted hers - which one do you like better, my post or hers? #throwbackthursday #photography #fashion #headshot
    I know that feels, bro.
    @vauntastic looking gorgeous in her champagne dress #wedding #photographersmarryingphotographers #beauty

    Clean ingenious bikes modeled after cafe racer style motorcycles.


    VIKS by Ana V. Francés

    Steel Urban bicycle made in Estonia.


    Viks is made entirely from stainless steel tubes. We use the highest quality steel. All the crowns, dropouts and weldments are made from the same grade steel. The design is highly exclusive for Viks. There is no seat tube. Two identically shaped tube frames run alongside the entire frame. Joined at the head tube, seat tube and bottom bracket. The fork and handle bar is all in one piece making the Viks look extremely sleek and flowy from every point of view.

    1.  Who is behind “VIKS”?

    Indrek “the style engineer“ Narusk, creator of Viks and a owner of the company Velonia Bicycles (  A passionate cyclist, amateur racer and a passionate engineer.

    Kristo “the passion hunter“ Riimaa, sales and marketing, co-owner of Velonia Bicycles. Also an addicted cyclist and amateur racer.


    2.  How did your idea come up?

    Indrek wanted to get a commuter bike for this season, but didn’t really fancy anything that was available in shops. As he is an engineer and has already in bicycle business,  he thought why not build one. The initial idea was just to build on off cool looking urban commuter, but once the images started spreading the demand started growing. The shape and look of the frame was inspired by cafe racer style mororcycle. Steel was chosen as the material and „the less is more“principle was applied as much as possible. So from the initial, one bike idea “it has grown to a small business of custom looking minimalist singlespeed bicycles”.


    3.  Where are you based and why?

    Tallinn, Estonia. Just because we live here and just because it’s about time Estonia had its own bicycle. The cycling culture over here has been developing rapidly over last couple of years and we hope to push it even more.


    4.  How is your workshop and organisation?

    There is Indrek who does all the engineering and design and constantly thinks about new ideas and new ways of doing things. Then there is Kristo who makes sure the orders are coming in and customers happy. Then we have a part time welder and painter who help us make the frames with highest quality and finish. Indrek’s house is the main office and welders workshop the main factory. Keeping it simple and lean.


    5.   Any future project?

    Lot of ideas on how to improve Viks (belt drive, Ti tubes, automatic gear hub etc) and lot of ideas on accessories for Viks. At Velonia we are also developing couple of products for the racing scene… It’s a constant work. We’ve always had a problem of having too many ideas and not enough working hands“.

    Let’s go racing boys! #musclemilk #alms #gt #prototype #baltimoregrandprix


    Life Lessons from Bill Waterson, Calvin & Hobbes Creator

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    An awesome preview of our shoot with @melissarobinphoto from this past weekend #cycling #photography #photoshoot #philly
    How in the world did I swindle such a gorgeous mama to be with me?! #anniversary #undercoverswag #foodies #rittenhousesquare